The Teatro dell'architettura


The Teatro dell’architettura Mendrisio, built on the Campus of the Accademia di architettura– Università della Svizzera italiana, was designed by arch. Mario Botta, promoted and realized thanks to the joint work of the Università della Svizzera italiana and the Fondazione Teatro dell'architettura, in order to offer a privileged dialogue space for the cultural debate on architecture, the city, the landscape.

Mission and goals

In addition to the teaching and research activities carried out within the university, this initiative aims to encourage new initiatives that strengthen the educational offer, particularly in reference to exhibitions and seminars, and at the same time give visibility to new transdisciplinary interests that increasingly intervene in the design process and redefine the social role of architecture.

The mission of Teatro dell'architettura is to act as a laboratory of ideas and events, a place of experimentation, a platform for exchange with other institutions and, above all, a contemporary tool that perceives and transmits the cultural trends taking place at local, national and international level.



The building, open to the public since autumn 2018, has a diameter of 27 meters and an area of about 3,000 square meters, the central circular plan with three floors above ground and two basement floors refers to the type of anatomical theater.

Unique of its kind, the Teatro dell'architettura contributes significantly to the new identity image of the Accademia di architettura of the Mendrisio Campus, offering spaces suitable for different types of use:




Performing Arts



The Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio, in carrying out its activities, collaborates with numerous professionals working within the Università della Svizzera italiana.


Walter Angonese

  • Dean, Accademia di architettura


Marco Della Torre

  • Dean’s office coordinator, Head of exhibitions, Accademia di architettura


Stefania Murer

  • Coordination, Registrar, Accademia di architettura


Tizulu Maeda

  • Secretary, Teatro dell’architettura


Cristina Elia Ott

  • Institutional Communication Service, Università della Svizzera italiana


Micaela Caletti

  • Conservation and Restoration, Archivio del Moderno 


Alberto Canepa

  • Web Service, Accademia di architettura


Tiziano Casartelli

  • Editory, Accademia di architettura


Carlotta Fantoni, Graziano Cavalli, Marco Corti, Francesco Talaia

  • Logistic, Accademia di architettura


Francesco D'Arrigo, Daniele Fenaroli, Maurizio Giudici

  • IT service, Accademia di architettura