The Emotional Power of Space. Public Lectures Fall Semester 2023/24


Academy of Architecture

11 September 2023

Public Lectures 2023/24


The Emotional Power of Space

Curated by artists-filmmakers Bêka & Lemoine in close line with their own practice, « The Emotional Power of Space » is a series of talks that brings to the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio filmmakers who share a common sensitivity and anthropological approach in the way they bring attention to the relationships between people and their living environment. These talks will present their respective approaches and methodologies and their way of using cinema as a critical tool of observation of the social consequences of rapid urban transformations taking place in different part of the world.


  • 21 September 2023 19:30
    Bêka & Lemoine ‘Learning from observation’
    followed by a conversation with Domitilla Dardi
  • 26 October 2023 19:30
    Daniel Kötter ‘How to address rapid urbanisation in film'
    followed by a conversation with Bêka & Lemoine
  • 16 November 2023 19:30
    Nitin Bathla + Klearjos Eduardo Papanicolaou ‘The Sensing Machine: Reframing Ethnographic Film for the Urban Otherwise’
    followed by a conversation with Bêka & Lemoine
  • 30 November 2023 19:30
    Giovanna Borasi + Daniel Schwartz ‘I've Been Lonely Lately: Filmmaking as a curatorial practice of coming together’
    followed by a conversation with Bêka & Lemoine

Lectures take place at Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio and are streamed live.