Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio - USI joins forces with the Art Museums of Mendrisiotto


Teatro dell'architettura

2 September 2020

Five museums in Mendrisiotto have decided to join forces and enhance their offer.

The Mendrisiotto area has a wide variety of valuable architectural and artistic works, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Here were born, among others, artists such as Pier Francesco Mola, Vincenzo Vela and architects Carlo Fontana and Mario Botta. This artistic and cultural heritage is reflected in the art museums in the Mendrisio district - one federal (Museo Vincenzo Vela in Ligornetto), one cantonal (Pinacoteca Giovanni Züst in Rancate), two town museums (m.a.x. museum in Chiasso and Museo d'arte Mendrisio) and one university museum (Teatro dell'architettura Mendrisio) - each of which is located in a building of particular interest. Such a high density of art museums with extensive cultural offerings in a geographically limited region is a unique case not only in Ticino but also beyond its borders.

These five institutions have decided to unite in a network, in order to promote collaborations and synergies through coordinated actions and to enhance their complementary nature and common geographical belonging.

The network of Musei d’Arte del Mendrisiotto (MAM) aims to strengthen the visibility, promote knowledge and enhance the presence of these institutions, highlighting the diversity, richness and complementarity of their collections (which include painting, photography, sculpture, graphics, architecture) and their temporary exhibitions, both at the regional and national level and internationally. The organisation of events and joint activities (International Museum Day, educational and cultural activities, exhibitions, meetings and conferences) is one of the main objectives of the network, which is also committed to facilitating access to museums, encouraging the public to move throughout the territory.